A local expert who watches loads of golf in the pub has broken his silence to tell the world that he knew well Tiger Woods would do pretty rubbish at Torrey Pines.

Paul O'Hora took time out from drinking a skip of pints to voice his view that he always knew the 14 time Major Champion would be shite.

"Sure look at him, he can't even hit a green for Christ's sakes," began O'Hara, "and all ye idiots said he was going to win."

O'Hora then proceeded to set out ream upon ream of compelling evidence about how the six time Farmers Champion and 2008 US Open winner at Torrey Pines is useless.

"Everyone thinks he's great, he cant hit a straight drive, he cant hit a straight iron, he has the yips with the wedge, and he can't putt. I'd say I'd beat him myself fairly handy," O'Hora added, displaying his forensic knowledge of the 79 time PGA Tour winner's game.

Put to him by a brave barman that Tiger actually made the cut O'Hora was quick to respond with "He got a poxed lucky hop over that bunker on the last and acted like he meant it. Come on for fecks sakes. He's crap."

"Tiger Woods was never much good anyway," O'Hora proclaimed finishing his last pint. "Sure if you look at it, when he was winning, who was he up against? The likes of Mike fuckin' Weir! Good luck."

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