A Yorkshire man who watches golf on Sky Sports religiously said today he was struggling to give a shit about the 2018 Eurasia Cup.

In a shock admission David Stokes told GolfCentralDaily he really couldn’t give a flying fuck about this weekends Europe versus Asia showpiece, and urged friends on Twitter not to be tweeting the scores every five seconds and and clogging up his feed for the next three days.

Stokes upset in his TV room earlier

“Sure it'll be on the middle of the night anyway and who do Asia have playing for them except a bunch of shite lads I never heard of?” Stokes told GCD.

Several of Stokes mates have expressed dismay the remarks and urged their friend to rethink his stance.  "It might be a laugh to watch for a while after the niteclub on Saturday when we are all pissed," offered best friend Kevin Coyle.

“I mean who in the name of Jesus is Yuta Ikeda?” Stokes questioned. “World number thirty feckin six and he's their best player? Give me a break.  It'll be a shite sweat-fest out in Malaysia, it will piss down rain every five minutes and the Asians will get slaughtered.”

"I'll watch any old shite on Sky including that crap Jack Nicklaus documentary they show every day but I draw the line at this," added the indignant 34 year old.

More as it emerges.

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