How Bill Haas walked away from the crash which killed driver Mark Gibello in the Pacific Palisades this week was nothing short of a miracle.  The Ferrari in which he was passenger hit two cars before finally careering into a concrete light pole.

Having read a plethora of reports on the incident and listened to locals being interviewed, it seems the street on which the accident occurred, Chautauqua Boulevard near Sunset Boulevard which has a 30mph limit, was one on which there was concerns about high powered cars regularly speeding.

Haas was staying with the driver Mark Gibello and his family in the lead up to the Genesis Open.  The 71 year old was a well known businessman and philanthropist in the area and is said to have played a large role in bringing the 2023 U.S. Open to Los Angeles Country Club.

Here is a report on the incident from CBS which shows CCTV footage of the incident.

RIP to all those lost in road traffic incidents.

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