An emotionally charged Lindsey Vonn gave an interview after the Women's Downhill ski event at the 2018 Olympics today that would bring a tear to the hardest of hearts.

Vonn is as well known to golfers as the former girlfriend of Tiger Woods as she is one of the greatest downhill skiers of all time.

Her comeback from several career threatening knee injuries, including ACL and MCL knee tears (which caused her to miss the 2014 Olympics in Sochi), to full fitness mirrored Woods own battles with his body.  The pair were in a relationship for three years.

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Today at the 2018 Olympics Vonn finished bronze in the Womens Downhill race and afterwards her emotions flooded out in an interview with (her friend and) the BBC's Chemmy Alcott. Vonn’s beloved grandfather, Don Kildow, died four months ago at the age of 88. Here's a snippet.

I can't help feeling, even though he is not mentioned, that a little bit of Tiger is also contributing to the emotional outpouring.

Vonn told Bear Grylls during their TV that she "still loves" Woods and it was more their schedules than anything else that meant their relationships didn't work.

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Well done Lindsey. Great comeback. And you never know. Four more years is nothing!

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