The news so many suspected for so long, but hoped not to be true, was confirmed yesterday at The Phoenix Open when Matt Kuchar announced on live TV that he is a dickhead.

Pope Francis was said not be too f**king impressed with Kuch's outburst and may block his ascension to Sainthood.

The startling self admission came on the 17th tee after Kuchar hit a wayward tee shot costing himself several thousand dollars.

 "Golly Matty, what a dickhead, fuck," revealed the 39 year old on realising his ball was headed towards the water.

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Vast swathes of America had to receive counselling after hearing the outburst.

Many had suspected Kuchar was not all f**king sweetness and light and Mr. Brady f**king Bunch after an incident with Sky Sports on course commentator Andy Coltart at the US Open last June.

It's thought Kuchar chose the moment for his admission, just before the Superbowl, to maximise his audience.

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