Russian Hackers are being blamed for the complete fuck up that is the 2018 Golf Digest Ireland Top 100 Golf Courses list, according to sources.

The Kaspersky Lab hacking group are believed to have gained access to the Golf Digest Ireland excel file containing the rankings using the secret password "showmethemoney" then rearranged the rankings to put a load of bang average courses in the top-20.

The hack was only discovered after the magazine had gone to print by a reader who noticed the famous Old Head Links was named "Best Parkland Course" in Ireland.

It is believed The European Club's ranking was left untouched by the hacking group after a direct order came down from Vladimir Putin himself not to fuck with Pat Ruddy.

Officially Russia is denying any involvement in infiltrating the list though officials from the Kremlin did say that Ballyliffin is a way better track than Portmarnock but it's a hoore to get to.

Here's some debate on facebook.

More as it emerges.

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