Welcome to Doc's weekend wrap of the best bits from the weekend that you probably wont see on other golf sites.

First up Bubba Watson won again.  Playing left handed mind. Imagine how good he would be if he played properly?  The final against Kevin Kisner was as boring as watching a puddle evaporate but there was this gem.

Bubba proving there is indeed a fine line between genius and madness.

Meanwhile Graham deLaet's missus Ruby filmed him landing his little cessna.  Have you ever seen such focus in his eyes!  Why doesn't he concentrate like that at golf?  That cessna could be a lear jet!

James Hahn was in the news for tweeting about rowdy fans that caused him to lose at the matchplay. He later deleted the tweets, but hey, nothing is ever deleted anymore!!

"I can expect bad behaviour." Oh dear.
"I'm not blaming the fan for losing." Oh deary dear.
Poor old James.
It's at low times like this that we need to remember happier times.

But what about Tony Romo on the opposite field PGA Tour event in the Dominican Republic.  All the news beforehand was about him taking the place of a deserving pro in the field and he urged fans to judge him, not by his NFL stardom, but by his golf.

So lets judge him.
He came dead last. Missed the cut on 15 over. The next worst was 9 over.
The judgement is in. You're shite Tony!

Did you happen to see the kid that Jesper Parnevik gave his ball to?  Don't know how his Daddy built up the moon dust eating Swede to him but it must have been one hell of an intro!

And finally there was this congratulatory letter from ClubProGuy to Brice Garnett. Arnie style. Genius!

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