Of course its over critical and over analytical to do anything but celebrate Tiger Woods return to peak fitness and form but after a couple of major outs with the driver when in contention and charging at the Arnold Palmer Invitational I couldn't help noticing a change in his driver settings before the final round which could have been very significant.

How Tiger Woods M3 Driver Settings Changed

The pic above shows Tiger's TaylorMade M3 through the Valspar and first three rounds of the API at Bay Hill.  He had it dialled in.  But before Sunday's final round, Tiger moved the 11 gram weight in the Y-track from the fade side to the draw setting.  The other weight was also pushed back to the very back of the straight track.

Now to me and you, that may seem a minor change but for Tiger, who is surgically precise with his equipment and who has worked since the first week in January to tune his driver settings (flight, shape, launch, spin rates), that is a pretty big change to make between rounds three and four.  As much physical as mental mind.

So why did he do it?

My best guess is the par-5 16th hole tee shot Bay Hill.  Leading the field in par-5 scoring to that point, Woods had missed the fairway right during his first three rounds and was determined to hit the fairway charging on Sunday. It was bugging him.  Instead however he hit his drive dead left and out of bounds, ending his title chances. Whether it was the driver settings or a niggling thought in his head or a combination of both, nobody knows.

I just thought it was interesting. I'll get my coat!

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