Sergio Garcia allayed fears for his mental health after taking 13 on a par-5 at The Masters by showing up for this mornings pre second round press conference all bright and chirpy.

Sergio Garcia GolfCentralDaily Funny Pic
Sergio in the pond on 15 at 6am this morning.

"I've just been for a swim this morning lads," Garcia told the world's press. "An old bit of scuba-dive-age.  While you lazy bums were asleep in your beds. And guess what? I found all the balls I hit in there. All 304 of them. Every single last one of them.  And I got some lovely Pro-V1's in there too; they'll be perfect after I steep them in a bath full of bleach and hot water. Takes the scum clean off.  So take that.  Sergio wins.  I'll never have to buy a ball again AND I've got a shit-load of Pinnacles now too for practicing with."

More as it emerges.

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