Having watched the first round of the PGA Championship on Facebook I was seething with anger at new rights owners Eleven Sports.  Now they want me to give them my credit card details to signup to a "free trial" to watch the weekend? Absolutely no chance.

Oh but you can cancel your free subscription Monday? I've seen it a million times; Eleven Sports are preying on the percentage that will forget to do so and then get locked into a contract AND will make it as difficult as possible for those who do.

The coverage was a haphazard shambolic affair, with embarrassing links and dodgy UK commentary during the hundreds of mini breaks in the American coverage from TNT. There were dropped signals, buffering and even crossing to the US when the commentators were chatting off air.

Eleven Sports was founded by Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani and the signs are on it.
They have the rights to La Liga for the season also.

I cant for the life of me think how this is trying to "grow the game."

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