One of the many people that paid tribute to Jarrod Lyle, who sadly passed away this week, was friend, fellow Aussie, Tour caddie, footie player and all round character Mick Middlemo.

Jarrod's sense of humour was famous and I asked Mick to send a little tribute to Jarrod in the form of a funny story. And he didn't disappoint!

Mick Middlemo's Tribute To Jarrod Lyle

Jarrod wasn’t just a friend he was a mate. Living in a house with him in Orlando for over five years and caddying for him for four years I got a pretty close up insight into the kind of person he was! What you saw in public was what he was like at home, a true gentleman who enjoyed a beer a laugh and a Diet Coke every morning!

We would hit balls together, play golf together and laugh together. When Jason Day first came to the USA he lived across the street from us in Orlando and we played mini-golf every day off we had. We had so much fun as mates.

There are a thousand great Jarrod Lyle stories but the best involves Rich Beem at the Fed Ex St-Jude Classic in Memphis. Rich decided to write a swear word in bold print on one of Jarrod's golf balls and put it back in his bag. Let’s just say the word started with C and ended in T and is well used word in Australia!

Well after a rough Friday afternoon and looking like missing the cut we stand on the 18th tee and Jarrod asks me for the "Rich Beem" golf ball. So we tee it up and bang; he carves it way right. Off we trudge up the fairway and as we start to approach the ball in the trees next to the cart path I notice five young females, maybe around 20 to 25 years of age, standing horrified right next to Jarrod's ball.

The word starting with C and ending with T was staring right up at them front and centre!  As I sneak off sneak off sheepishly to get a yardage one of girls says "That's not a very nice word."  Without missing a beat Jarrod says "What’s wrong? This is where I went to school.....Central University of the Northern Territory!! I die laughing and they completely bought the story!

Rich Beem and I shared a laugh over it last night. T-shirts were even made about it! Jarrod was and will always be a mate and I will miss him and his sense of humour and our chats. Love you Jarrod.

Thanks Mick. A brilliant tribute

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