A local tech wizard became a hero down the pub tonight when he managed to get PGA Championship coverage showing on the television in the corner over the bar.

Dmitri Yereshev, 28, who works in the dodgy phone screen repair shop down the far end of the town, had at least two pints of Guinness bought for him after he managed to somehow magically get the golf from the Eleven Sports page on facebook on his phone onto the telly in the pub via an App of some sort.

"He might be one of those Russian hackers!" laughed local alcoholic and betting expert Tommy Moore who has booked his stool in the pub with his coat for the next four days. "But I couldn't give a shite as long as he has the golf is on!!  God bless Putin!!"

Pub landlord Jimmy Bubbles, despite having a face on him like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle, was similarly delighted but added a word of caution to reporters; "I hope no lads from Eleven Sports come in here now looking for another fuckin' license fee off me coz I've this golf on.  I already pay the c*nts in Sky €5,000 a week and they don't have any Premier League matches worth a shite anymore."

More as it emerges.

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