Almost five days on from the Ryder Cup and the shit stirring in Team USA continues apace.

The blame game, stories of teammates physically fighting and scapegoating one person; it's a bubbling pot of steaming horseshit and the US media are having a field day. Or field week.

I almost feel pity at this stage for Patrick Reed, who surely hasn't helped himself, but has been royally hung out to dry by other "sources" within the team.

Most fully expected to see Reed and Spieth on day one, but 'something' happened behind the scenes to split them.

When it was suggested on social media that Reed didn't want to play with an out of form Spieth, an intervention, in the form of a clarification, by Reed's wife Justine on Twitter added curry powder to the shit pot.

I can assure you- you’re wrong. Patrick never said that he didn’t want to play with Jordan. Maybe you should ask Jordan why he didn’t want to play with Patrick. You don’t have to love the people you work with- but when you have chemistry and success, you go with it for the TEAM.

Since then an unnamed "source" with the US team has said that Reed "begged" to play with Tiger Woods.

After the pair did play, and lose, twice, the stats guys in the US camp informed the team that, had it have been strokeplay, Reed would have shot 83 in the Saturday morning fourballs. It didn't go down well.

"He is so full of shit," the source said. "Blindsided my ass. He begged to play with Tiger."

Maybe more telling was the next quote.

"I feel so bad for Jim, because he was an unreal captain. He would have run through a wall for all 12 of the guys. Unfortunately, there were only 11 players that would have returned the favour."

Are we talking about the same man dubbed "Captain America" for the past two years up to last Thursday morning?


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