The woman hit in the eye by a golf ball at the Ryder Cup on Friday has permanently lost sight in the eye.

French golf fan Corine Remande told reporters

"It happened so fast, I didn't feel any pain when I was hit. I didn't feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour."

Here's the incident.

Doctors at a nearby hospital confirmed the direct hit of the golf caused  "an explosion of the eyeball."

The incident happened on the sixth hole of Le Golf National on Friday.  Though playing a par-4 the green was set up to be driveable, though the crowd were positioned very close to the green.

The shot was accompanied by several shouts of FORE and the himself unfortunate (it could have been any player) Brooks Koepka, who hit the shot, was clearly upset after the incident offering an apology and signed glove to the spectator.

Remande has not ruled out legal action.

More as it emerges.

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