I think everyone in the world agrees that paying $20 to watch Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play a match to make themselves $9 million richer is completely out of the question.  But is it worth the time it will take on your laptop to find a quality free stream?

It's 2018 and online streams have advanced to such a level that

  • The stream never freezes anymore,
  • There are no dead streams that open up porn sites instead,
  • Clink Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 and none work never happens,
  • There isn't a game of "find the hidden x" to close about 20 layered screens,
  • The dreaded notifications wants to know question of "Block" versus "Allow"  to make the stream work or infect your computer with deadly virus never happens.
  • The screen if by some miracle it does work isn't the size of a pixelated postage stamp,

And if you believe that you're an idiot!
In my streaming life, I'm 2 wins against 10 losses.  Sorry guys I couldn't be arsed.

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