Just one day after Bryson DeChambeau confirmed he intends to use the new amendments to the Rules Of Golf to seek advantage by putting with the flagstick in, Rory McIlroy has added to the controversy by saying he intends to use a new legal putting aid that nobody else will be entitled to use.

In an interview yesterday McIlroy said, as a Northern Irish citizen, he fully intends to use the special "backstop" currently being finalised between EU and UK Brexit negotiators to ensure the ball doesn't run too far past the hole.

The new backstop will mean only players from Northern Ireland will be eligible to use it during events.

"As international law takes precedence over all others, I'm intending to have Harry carry the backstop around with the bag and place it behind the hole," McIlroy told reporters. "Especially when I'm putting. Though I may use it too when I'm chipping. But not like when I'm flopping a chip because that would mean if I lands it behind the backstop, and then  I spin it back, the backstop could stop it going in the hole and that would be stupid."

Questioned as to what he intends to do if the backstop rule cannot be agreed before the EU Brexit deadline in March 2019 McIlroy was upbeat.

"If for some reason negotiations break down and I cannot use the backstop in 2019, we are going to make a hard border out of plastic which we can place around the green," he said.  It wont be as good as a backstop, but it wont be bad either."

More as it emerges.

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