A plane was forced to make an emergency turnaround towards Orlando airport yesterday after a passenger left his seat and began wielding a golf club in the cabin.

Air traffic controllers reportedly heard the pilot proclaiming  “Ah for fuck sakes, what is this mental bastard doing, someone try to restrain him”, prompting them to instigate emergency procedures.

The plane was ordered to return to Orlando International Airport and landed 30 minutes later where the passenger was arrested and removed.

Later, authorities released a transcript of events leading to the grounding of the aircraft.

Pilot: “Sit down to f*ck you moron, cant you see I've the light thingy still switched on”.

Passenger: “Bubba here at 41,000 feet so I'm gonna practice my short game.”

Pilot: “What the f*ck are on about? Skull that chip through the window and you'll decompress the whole f*cking cabin”.

Passenger: “You're welcome.”

Pilot: “Right that's it. We're turning back.”

Later a video emerged of the passenger ramping through the cockpit.

More as it emerges.

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