Way to get loads of hits on social media?  Piss people off royally by printing something controversial.

The folks at ESPN must be high fiving each other in the office this morning after their list of the "most dominant athletes" in 2018 caused a shit storm of debate on Twitter.

The golfer listed in fourth place is Ariya Jutanagarn, who won an LPGA Major this year.

But what about Brooks Koepka, who won two Majors this year?  Needless to say he was pissed off that was he absent from the list.  And I'm sure his mood wasn't helped by the fact there's a racehorse on there!


But all the arguments aside, everyone is failing to see that this is just a completely arbitrary list from ESPN.  It has absolutely no basis in fact.  It's just designed to get hits.

End of.

By the way Tiger Woods should be on there!!!!!

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