Saudi Arabian authorities have been making last minute preparations to welcome the world's golf journalists ahead of the Saudi International tournament which begins next Thursday.

Last minute preparations out the back of the media centre.

"Despite what you might have heard, we are really a barrel of laughs," said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Haddok at a press conference today. "We dissolve to give every journalist a great welcome next week, and if they are compliant a farewell also. We
 are sure their fears along with everything else will quickly disappear once they get here."

So far one media accreditation has been issued for the tournament, an official palace propaganda and facebook influencer, though organisers except a late surge early week.

"We are confident lots of journalists will come," said bin Haddock "and if they don't it's okay we have some pretty good lookalikes lined up. It's all good."  
"At the end of the day, we want our guests to simply eat (religiously acceptable foods) drink (water) and be happy (that death to the west will one day be a reality.)"

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