Here was a glorious chance for some of the top PGA Tour pro's to show some character and have some fun......
The question was "What are your New Years Resolutions?"

The answers showed all that is wrong, and bland, and one dimensional, and safe, and sanitised about not just the players, but how scared out of their wits they are of saying anything wrong, or controversial, or something that could offend somebody somewhere on Twitter or Facebook, cook up a storm of rage and protest, and ruin their reputation forever.

I'm sure among friends the answer to this question would be different, more quirky, more fun.

But the world, the Tour bosses, the managers, the sponsors expect a role model response that will pacify social media.

So it never "entertains" anymore, just ticks the box of being "safe" social media fodder.


I hate to say it but it felt the same when European Tour stars Eddie Pepperell and Matt Wallace posted videos of getting their Masters invites.  The two boys were afraid to be seen to be happy.  Thank God for Eddie's Dad Joe!  That's the way to celebrate!

Guys if we keep watching our P's and Q's like this golf will descend (further) into a dreary humdrum sport or drones.

Meanwhile this cheered me up.  Poor lady got her angles wrong!

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