Ah poor ould Sergio.  He's had to take time out from practicing for the Genesis Open to go into what looks like the Oval Office for a full on two minute grovelling session with some bloke from the Golf Channel over what went down in Saudi Arabia .

Sergio says he “received some very emotional, personal news earlier that week" and that's why he tried told everyone to shove it up their arses (watch the video) in a bunker then hack up the greens the following day in Saudi.

Now in the golf world, a full on two minute apology on the Golf Channel is the equivalent of giving a spectator you've whacked on the head with the ball a signed glove so it's all good.

“It was a mix of some emotional and personal things going on and a little frustration with the greens,” said Garcia ensuring the lines he learned off by heart were delivered correctly.

Here's the interview

And here's another chance to relive that wonderful bunker tantrum with Spanish to English subtitles!

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