Here's a nice little piece for the golf betting novice, explaining the various different options available to the modern punter.

Having a bet on golf can be fun and also quite lucrative!  Whether you’re doing it recreationally because you enjoy winning or professionally, we hope that you will find this article useful. Throughout this article, you will learn about different strategies, best places to bet, different types of golf bets, and other cool stuff.

In order to avoid losing money when betting on golf, you might want to look at the experts who crush the sportsbooks on a regular basis. Usually, this information might be quite difficult to find and most experts will avoid revealing their secrets. But we are here to help and we managed to pull back the doors and give our readers access to valuable insights. If you are serious about golf betting, you might want to know that the golf free betting tips from Freebets UK are a great asset as well.
Here are some of the most important things that you need to know before placing your first bet:
 What are some of the most popular types of golf betting?

Betting at a local bricks and mortar sportsbook can be a great choice, as you’ll find a few different types of golf bet available. However, the options are nowhere near the ones that you can have if you bet online. Online sportsbooks allow you to push all edges and predictions that you could possibly think of and are an extremely flexible option.

If you didn’t know about online golf betting or you are not aware of the different options available on these websites, we’ve got you covered. Read on and you’ll learn key details about some of the most popular types of golf bets available. We recommend taking a minute and reading through each option carefully. You never know which option might prove effective for you and might bring you profits. You can win substantial amounts of money by betting on golf without having to pick the winners of particular tournaments.

Betting in order to win- Win Only Market

This is the most popular and straightforward type of golf bet available. However, just because people prefer this type of betting that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective or obsolete. Betting in order to win the bets is a solid part of making money in this industry. A lot of professional betters will use this betting option to line their pockets with cash and so can you.

So how does this type of betting actually work? A ‘to win’ bet consists of betting on the people who are most likely to win a golf tournament, such as the U.S. Open. If you think a certain golf player is going to win a tournament, all you have to do is place a ‘to win’ bet on him. If you were right, and he does win, then you’ll win your bet.

While ‘to win’ betting comes down to being able to pick the winners, there is something that you should know. ‘To win’ bets are almost always more profitable than even money. For example, the lowest payouts or ‘the worst’ odds that you will see on favoured players are 7 or 8/1. In other words, a $£€1 bet will win you $£€7 or $£€8, which is extremely profitable.

Betting versus the field

This is one of the most exciting golf betting options as it allows you to bet on everyone except for one or two golfers. In general, this type of bet can be seen in later rounds of tournaments, especially when a certain golfer seems to win. The sportsbook will then give betters the option to bet against the favorite. In order to win your bet, it doesn’t matter who wins, it only matters that the designated golfer doesn’t.

Betting head-to-head

Head to head bets are the ones that offer more options when you bet online than when you bet in a bricks and mortar sportsbook. The idea behind head-to-head golf bets is pretty simple – the sportsbook sets a line between to different golfers. For instance, let’s imagine that Jason Day and Jason Dufner are both in a certain round of a tournament. The sportsbook will set a line on which of the two golfers will win the round. In order to win your bet, you simply need to guess what happens throughout that round.

Betting on future events

A futures bet is different from the previously mentioned types of bets as it is a longer-term bet. This type of bet is usually made at the beginning of the golfing season or before the playoffs, but it can also be made at any point throughout the events. What makes future bets unique is the fact that you will get different payout odds depending on the players who become more or less likely to win. This means that if you make a correct prediction, you might earn more.

Betting on Props

Prop betting is a fun and interesting type of golf betting and can be a great way to make some extra money. Usually, these bets have no direct effect on a tournament’s outcome. Here are some examples of prop bets:

- Whether or not there will be a playoff
- How old the winner of the tournament will be
- How many majors will players win throughout the year
- How many hole in ones will there be in a specific round
Now that you know about the different types of golf betting available online, you are all set. All you have to do is choose your favourite type and make your bets.

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