I wrote a few days ago about up to 13 of 30 drivers failing testing at The Open Championship and the fact that Xander Schauffele's name was leaked as having one of them.

Characteristic Time of ball on clubface is what is tested now and is basically a measure of the springiness of the face.  The longer time the ball spends on the face the greater the CT value.

And CT has been "creeping" up in drivers making some illegally hot!

Brewer’s statement:

If anybody deserves blame or criticism for the driver test failure at the Open Championship, it’s us. We provide Xander his equipment. But in all fairness, I’m not sure we did anything wrong. We do everything in our power to design equipment that performs at the limit of USGA / R&A rules but does not exceed it. As long as I am in charge, we will never knowingly produce non-conforming equipment or condone its use, especially in tournament play.

Sounds very contrite. Carry on.....

“We test our drivers hundreds of times throughout the manufacturing process to make sure they are conforming. For tour product, we have a tour certification process that tests 100 percent of these products again at our facility prior to sending anything out to a player. We have also installed CT testing equipment on our primary tour trailers so we are now able to test in the field on both new and ‘played in’ parts, where high swing speed players could experience what we term CT ‘creep,’ and a driver that originally conformed could become, through play, non-conforming or deemed damaged into a non-conforming state. We are also doing fundamental research on managing or preventing ‘creep’ but more on that later.

That's an interesting thought. Starts as conforming but gets pummelled into being non conforming by the brutal swings of players.

“We know Xander’s driver was conforming when he received it. Probably in the range of 245 – 250 CT. At the Open we tested it at 255 CT, still conforming but close to the limit. The R&A tested it at 258, one over the limit. This sort of testing variation is going to happen. Because the R&A tested it over the limit, the driver was taken out of play and we replaced it with one that tested well within the limits. All before the event began and conforming with the rules of golf and intent of all the testing (both ours and the R&A’s).

Much ado about nothing then. But is there any chance I could get my hands on that CT creepy one if nobody wants it?

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