Matt Kuchar said he was "honoured and humbled" by the offer to lead a big local parade celebrating Rickie Fowler in the town of Portrush on the Saturday evening of The Open Championship.

"These guys in funny hats came to me and said they are massive Rickie fans and they just golly gosh darn it wanted to have a bold 'ole parade to celebrate him right outside the golf course in Portrush on the evening of the 12th of July," said Kuchar. "And when the offered me $5,000 bucks for an hour to lead it, of course I said I was honoured and humbled and want it in cash before I start."

"It's a massive boost to have such a universally loved and popular figure such as Kuch to lead our Rickie Fowler parade," said Rickie Fowler Wears Orange Lodge leader Jim Bowls.

"We have several cool bands lined up along a lets just call it 'mobile route' including the Rickie Fowler William King Memorial band, the  Derryloran Rickie Fowler Boyne Defenders, Ballykeel Loyal Rickie Flower Sons of Ulster and the Moneyslane Rickie Fowler's Flute Band," continued Bowls.  "Then for a bit of fun we're going to have Kuch reinact that little stand off and clash he had with his Mayakoba caddie with the help of the local PSNI. It's going to be great fun!"

Following the parade Kuchar will then attend a special Climate Change Ceremony in Belfast where he will throw the first petrol bomb onto a big stack of pallets then overturn some cars to mark the world's anger at the lack of action on carbon emissions.

More as it emerges.

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