In his first duty since leaving Honma Golf for Taco Bell, new boss Mark King assured customers that he wont be charging $1,000 dollars each for a taco.

To celebrate his appointment King also announced he would accept trade-ins of Honma drivers in exchange for one of Taco Bell's infamous Soft Taco's.

King's sudden move from a luxury golf brand to flogging soggy tacos has come as a shock to the wider golf industry but King himself says there are parallels.

"I'm looking forward to doing for adult obesity in the USA with Taco Bell what I did for golf equipment in the USA with Honma," King said from behind the counter of the Cinncinati Taco Bell yesterday. "And that's 'sweet fuck all' and obviously signing Justin Rose, which I did yesterday.  He's going to work nights."

Fan's of the Mexican inspired food chain had voiced concerns that King would increase the price of a Taco to over $1,000 each but he assured customers that would not be the case.

"I don't think we'd get away with charging thousands of dollars for shit items in the world of fast food like we do in golf!" laughed King.

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