Sergio Garcia is above the law.  He can do what he likes on Tour because he's needed on Tour.  Especially the European Tour.  He is simply untouchable. Because they need him.  He knows that and the bosses know that.

He can flip his lid, throw a tantrum, spit in a cup, vandalise a bunker or tee box and he never ever gets a fine or a reprimand or a ban.

What made last weekend's tee box attack in Memphis even worse is that the video came amongst a huge amount of humbling posts from players who took time out to visit the St Jude Hospital which benefits from the tournament.

Maybe that's why he was angry? He was sad at being left all alone on the golf course while his mates visited sick kids at the hospital.

I think its time for Eddie Pepperell's vet to whip off Sergio's balls like he did with Eddie's dog. That might quieten him down a bit!

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