I know how much it costs to do a rebrand of a big company.  It's not just the astronomical logo design fee to some shower of graphic design company chancers that fill you with absolute bullshit about the symbolism of the font used and the placement of the letters.

It's changing every single thing place garment sign vehicle and object that the old logo appeared on.  The cost can run into millions.

I get it that things need to be freshened up, and the new logo is not offensive in any way, I just have a big problem with the dead money spent to do it.

"Oh if you look closely at the top of the Letter T it looks like a tee, how amazingly cool and symbolic is that?? T and 'tee' do you get what we did?? Like we were brain storming for two weeks solid and then suddenly it came to us....." Assholes.
New European Tour Logo Golf

And I'm sad that the iconic Harry Vardon silhouette is gone from the logo. I liked that, whoever dreamed it up originally it was a great idea.

Rant over. The money is wasted and gone.

Just like on the new website which was scrapped and the old one replaced within a few months.

Rant over again.

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