I'm a big Harold Varner fan and more so after this.  We all hit shit shots every weekend but what impressed me was the way HV3 handled his topped fairway wood on the 10th in his interview after the final round of the Genesis.

For some reason the PGA Tour did not want anyone seeing the shot. Video below.

Q. Did your foot slip at all?
HAROLD VARNER III: I don't know, I just know I missed it, I missed the ball. I couldn't tell you what exactly happened. I just know that I hit the dirt before the ball. I've actually done it before, which is funny enough. I did it in Korea, same exact thing, same exact wind.
Q. Were you playing off the deck before then, too?
 HAROLD VARNER III: No, I teed that up. Yeah, I wish I would have hit it off the deck.
Q. And then after that now you've got to regroup and try to approach the hole from a different way, right?
HAROLD VARNER III: Yeah, I was screwed pretty much. Yeah, it's not like you can just hit the next one on the green and be like, all right, salvage it. Yeah, it's just funny, I'm looking at the hole right now as we're talking about it. It is what it is. There's nothing I can really do about it. I just wish I would have rebounded a little bit better. That's what I kind of, you know, alluded to all week is just how you respond to it.

Here's the video which the PGA Tour have taken down in countless other places.

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