Coronavirus claimed another big golfing cancellation yesterday after Tiger Woods Masters Champions themed lockdown dinner had to be abandoned at the last minute.

Speaking to reporters on Zoom Woods said "Yeah it was really really tough, we were all ready at the dinner table, we had our Masters t shirts on, of course I had my signature red final day shirt and the Green jacket, and obviously we had both our mange ridden dogs there too.
We waited for like....maybe three hours....for our servants to bring our food, but it never came out.  It was then I realised they'd all fucked off home because of the Corona Virus lockdown thingy."

With Woods and his family now facing into weeks of self-isolation alone in their home, without maids and servants, the reigning Masters champion admits it's going to be difficult.

"Like I haven't wiped my own ass for years so I'm going to have to relearn all that technique," Woods added "And without our staff to cook, clean and raise the kids, surviving is going to be really really tough."

More as it emerges.

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