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So often golf games are won and lost on the greens. How many times have we seen a good player make a bad stroke when the pressure comes on in the heat of battle. Here’s a great little drill for the practice green to simulate some of the pressure of having to make that vital putt.

Pick a straight putt. Place a tee or a marker three foot from the hole, a second tee six foot from the hole and a third tee nine foot from the hole. Start at the nearest tee and try to putt three balls into the hole. If successful move to the tee at six foot and again try to putt the three balls into the hole. If you miss any of the putts you must return to the start, the nearest tee and try again. The aim is to try and hole nine putts, three from each distance.

As you get closer to completing the challenge, you will begin to feel the pressure. If you can maintain your poise and hole that crucial last nine footer, the next time you face a pressure putt in competition, you will be more than ready to execute a confident stroke.

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