Charley Hull and Suzann Petterssen have finally had their say on the Solheim Cup "Given Putt" controversy (video here).

Suzann Pettersson remained steadfast in her assertion the putt was not given.

“We are all trying to win, to play golf,” Pettersen said. “I totally respect the Americans. We totally respect the game. At that point of time in the match, with the putt she had left, I would still like to see it. If she had the putt to win the cup, I would still like to see it.”

Charley Hull spoke about her action of walking away after the first putt.

"I was walking over to Suzann to discuss whether or not to give the putt and then I turned around and Alison picked up," said Hull.
"A few people are saying I was walking off the green. If they watch again, I was talking to Suzann."

Tnx to Geoff Shak for the freeze frames of Charley walking.

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