I see so much non golf funny stuff on facebook and twitter, I'm going to post the best of it on this page. Golf and non golf, whatever's funny!
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Inspector Clouseau- Do You Have A Reum, Does Your Dog Bite?

The Backwards  Brain Bike

Harry Enfield Gay Son Sketch
Oldie but still brillianty!

Peppa Pig Jigsaw
One for the kids!

The Fester Skank- Lethal Bizzle
Big fan of Lethal Bizzle since seeing him on Soccer AM and the Mayweather Pacquiao preview.

Missing Top Gear Now Jeremy Has Gone? This is Brilliant!

Ghost Tits

Picard's Christmas Song

A New Pope
Classic Star Wars send up

The Fear Radio Prank

The Wife Zone Lecture
The funniest thing I've seen in ages!

Funniest Golf Fail Ever
Absolutely brilliant. Check out the commentary and his mates reaction!

Sneaker Heads
The sneaker heads cross the street to intervene where a guy is giving a girl a hard time.

How Women Put On Tight Jeans
Keep watching until the end!

Guy Walks Into A Bar: Magic Apples (18 not for kids)

Oh Shit! Based On A True Story

World Cup Referee Sacked After Free Kick Foam Incident

Luis Suarez Fallout
Brendan Rogers has the new sign up already.

Luis has already gotten a job with Ryanair

Combat Surprise (25 June 2014)

England Fans At 2014 World Cup

Wimbledon Drink Fail
This guy loses to Leyton Hewitt because he's not hydrating properly

GMac Invents A New Word: Technalizing!

John Terry and Samuel Eto'o Voiced Over Interview. Classic!
One of the funniest things I've seen in ages. Genius.

Drunk Girl Ruins Weddding
She causes carnage!

Morgan Freeman GPS. 
Make sure you keep watching until the end.  There's a Liam Neeson version too!

First up is this genius piece from Jimmy Fallon of Brian Williams doing Rapper's Delight. Must have taken ages!

This is classic. Smack cam!

The banned Doritos ads.

"Gravity" Superman Alternate Ending
And I must say it's a better ending than the actual film!

Ronaldo and Messi at the Ballon d'Or 
Ronaldo is the World "Player" Of The Year alright!

Peyton Manning Reveals Whats On His Mind

What a hero!

The Cheddar Cheese Mouse

A few years old, but well worth it!

The Mistake Short Film

Absolutely loved this little short about the lengths a woman would go to avoid that guy she slept with.

Girl Miming Sex At The Cricket

Yvonne Yvonne Yvonne, you're on the telly. Oops too late for Queensland Bulls Chris Lynn's girlfriend who gets caught in the act!

Duke- "Blurred Lines" In The Garden Shed

Check this out! These guys are good!

The Priceless Blowjob- MasterCard Parody

Man Decides To Strip For Girlfriend But Makes Fundamental Error

Schaeffer's New Zealand Style Deck Paint

Funniest thing I've seen in ages.  If you like Flight Of The Conchords, you'll love this.

Robert Downey Junior's Take On Game Of Thrones.

Goal Of The Season

If you see a better goal than this let me know

Real Life Darwin Award Winner

Oh wait, I guess this guy doesn't make it.

Possessed Woman Prank

One of the best I've seen in a while!

Hale and Pace Classic


Mascot Eats Cheerleader!

Zidane Humiliates Young Goalkeeper

27 sep 2013: Jimmy and Roots Sing The Sesame Street Theme

20 Sep: Two Irish Guys Watch Miley Cyrus Video

Irish people will love this, not too sure about the rest, but it has over a million hits on youtube.

12 Sep: Jimmy Fallon Does Breaking Bag

Brilliant Breaking Bad skit by Late Night's Jimmy Fallon

6 Sep: Danny Trevathan Celebrates Too Soon and Drops Ball

Luckily for Trevathan, the Bronco's Peyton Manning was on fire with seven touchdowns to spare his blushes! 

Hitler Reacts To The News That Brian O'Dirscoll Is Dropped From Lions Team
Hey There Andy Murray Song
4 January 2013: Shii Games Console For Women! (Warning 18+)

2012 Stuff
Click On Link Below Pics For Full Article

Keegan Bradley’s Shocking Story As Real Life Trailer Park Boy

by Ron for golfcentraldaily.com
Keegan Bradley choked back tears today as he revealed details of his youth as a real life trailer park boy in Massachusetts and how it chiselled him into the fine upstanding Major Champion he is today.
trailer bumBradley spoke about his time in a 30 year old leaking rotting trailer with a ripped screen door while real life dramas starring disgusting uneducated depressing despots played out just outside the door.
Pic: Brad’s dad.
“We had the obligatory clothes line outside stretching from the trailer to the wall where my Dad and me hung our socks and underpants after we washed them in the septic puddle where skinny framed  pot bellied alcoholics pissed out whiskey and children whose parents never got out of bed swam.  They were good times indeed, they moulded me into a winner,” Bradley said.
trailer“People are very quick to condemn trailer park residents as the scum of the earth, dangerous to make eye contact with let alone to talk to.  They expect gun shots at night, stabbings and shouts of ‘I’m a fucking kill you’  from foul mouthed degenerate pigs.  And they would be right, it’s exactly like that.”
Pic: Bradley’s  trailer. And this was a good one.
ronBradley revealed shocking details of how he had to sleep in a bunk bed which doubled as a table above his father while their new 15 bedroom mansion was being readied.
“It was a tough five days, but a happy five days”, chuckled Bradley.  “Or maybe it was four days, it was a long time ago.”

O’Grady “Not So Sure” If Man in Plus Fours and Gangsta Hat Is Ridiculous Enough

O’Grady Upset That We Don’t Have Crazy Bastard Like Crane In Europe

Clinton’s Planned Re-Enactment Of Tiger Ryder Cup Shot Fails After Cigar Guy Refuses To Show Up

John Daly In Deep Trouble Again With Tour In Qatar

Magnum’s Moustache Comes Out Of Retirement To Help Wagner Win Sony Open

R&A Boss Peter Dawson Gives Three Bloody Good Reasons Why Royal Portrush Cant Have British Open

Defiant Finchem Vows To Reign Over PGA until 2016. Gets New Outfit on eBay

Luke Donald Reveals Real Reasons Behind Savage Byrd Twitter Rant

Adams Deal Could Go Sour If Karlsson Cant Find Clubs In Time

Louis Oosthuizen Arrested After Stealing Tots Bike

Chad Campbell’s Sister To Split From Elite Marine

North Korean Dictator Breaks With Tradition-Styles Himself on Kenny Perry

Irresponsible Headline Makes Perfectly Sane Woman Look Like Crazed Lunatic

GolfCentralDaily Close To Replacing FTI As New Padraig Harrington Hat Sponsor

Robert De Niro Congratulates Thomas Bjorn On Perfecting Goodfellas Grimacethomas-bjorn

“Swampass” To Put Dampener on PGA Championship

He Broke Burrita

No 2. Ben Crane Workout Video

No 3. The Adirondack Chair Swing

No 4. Phil Mickelson Fans Advice

No 5. The 200 Yard Gong Shot

Separated At Birth: "Hardy Bucks" and PGA Tour Stars

Spot The Difference: Ben Crane Vs Crazy Legs Crane

Charley Hoffman: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other Article

Blumehurst V Creamer
Harrington Long Jump Record Story
Nappies and Talc For Garrigus Story

MacDowell Leap Story

luke donald self destruct joke
Well Done Luke In Madrid

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Isn't Photoshop Brilliant