An avid sports fan who waited in vain for three days solid for Sky Sports News to cross to over live to the PGA Championship for a report has passed away peacefully at his home, according to family members.

Paul Samson, 33, had refused to eat or even move away from his television set for 72 hours in case he missed Sky Sports News anchors crossing over live to James Haddock at Quail Hollow for an interesting report in the build up.

Doctors say Samson died after being subjected to toxic levels of Premier League Transfer Centre speculation.

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"Mr Samson seems to have been completely unaware that Sky Sports don't have rights to the PGA Championship this year so of course they're not going to even mention it on Sky Sports News," said Dr Adbel Jallah who attended Samson. "They don't have it so it doesn't exist!"

James Haddock is expected to attend the funeral later today.

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