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A motion is to be filed against golf equipment giant TaylorMade, whose "Twist Face" in their new drivers is at the centre of accusations of copyright infringement made by snack giant Pringles.

"Our clients believe TaylorMade intentionally made the M3 and M4 driver faces the exact same shape as a Pringle in a clear attempt to profit from the sense of fulfilment and savoury snackness of our products," lawyer for Pringles, Saul Veenger said in his pre-submission submission to the court in San Francisco.

TaylorMade Twist Face Funny
The new "Twist Face" from TaylorMade is remarkable like a Pringle, say Pringles lawyers.

“Your honour it wouldn't surprise us at all if TaylorMade now market the driver with the tagline 'Once you pop one out there 300 yards dead straight, you can't stop,'" continued Veenger.

A motion of discovery has also been filed to examine CCTV footage of the parking lot at TaylorMade in a bid to ascertain if any staff at the company could be seen eating Pringles around the time the driver was designed.

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TaylorMade's legal team are expected to challenge all of the claims made in court on the basis that their drivers are not edible, are made of high grade steel and not potato and since elliptical shapes have been around since time began nobody really owns any of them.

TaylorMade are also in the middle of legal proceedings with PXG, a golf manufacturer specialising in equipment nobody can afford.

The trial continues.

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